Intercolonial Railway Step Stool

This stepping stool was used for the Intercolonial Railway. A stepping stool for a railway station was usually used to aid Passengers and workers to step aboard the train. The Intercolonial Railway was in operation from 1872 until 1918. Talk started in 1840 about establishing a railway to connect the eastern maritime colonies and to the Province of Canada. It was decided that the line to connect the maritime colonies and the Province of Canada would be far away from the American border due to it being more secure. This was because of the recent war of 1812 against the Americans, which put the British on guard of an attack. In 1858 a railway was built in between Halifax and Truro. Following this lines were put in between Truro and Amherst as well as between Halifax and New Glasgow. In 1879 lines were built as far east as Antigonish. The building of the Intercolonial railway to meet confederation requirements was never a true success. Though it did bring about many jobs and development in the maritimes. In 1918 it became a part of the Canadian National Railways.

Railway Step Stool