TrainonTracksIn the Apr 20, 1876 edition of "The Casket" the following articles appeared, giving hope that an exciting new form of  transportation would be coming to the Antigonish district.

"The Railway.  Tenders to be opened July 4 have been invited through the medium of the public journals for the construction of the Eastern extension.  The Govt. makes two proposals one for the building of the line 110 miles long from N. Glasgow to an undefined point on the shores of the Bras d'or Lake the other for an alternate line of about 75 miles from the former place to the Strait of Canso.  Both include a steam ferry  from the mainland to the Island of Cape Breton.  The Govt. offers as a subvento to constructors, the Truro Branch 52 miles long in good running order 150,000 acres of Crown land, and a money subsidy of which the amount is not specified but known not to exceed $8,000 per mile.  Security is asked for so it is presumable the lowest tender will be accepted.  Premier MacKenzie's generosity in the matter is indicated by his withholding the rolling stock of the Truro branch."


Railway Construction Crew

"The Early Bird, & c., & c.  We learn that parties in N. Glasgow have already secured all the crown lands--about 2000 acres--in the vicinity of Marshy Hope.  This is of course in anticipation of the railway's being located through that valley, but so far we believe the Govt. has not officially made any selection of the route.  It is we understand, the intention to erect a steam sawmill on the premises which are thickly grown with hardwood of various kinds."

 Railway Construction